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Welcome to Buffy-HQ! As the title suggests, this is yet another Buffy blog...but with a twist. Here I will only be posting high quality, clear photos simply of the show. Promos, episode stills, and on set photos. However, it won't branch out further than that, not of the cast, magazine photo shoots, or Angel the Series; so don't ask.

Feel free to submit any photos you may find, as long as they are untagged! I will not be posting photos that are covered in huge tags, if it's microscopic and in the corner then I may post a few but nothing larger than that; because I created this blog to help graphic makers, such as myself, to basically have a big database of the best photos for editing...all in one place!

However, on set photos won't all be high quality just because I'd like to collect as many as possible and most aren't in that great of quality because of the time they were taken back then with older cameras. ;)

Don't be shy! Follow, reblog, spread the word, or even take a trip to the askbox and say hello! =)

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Sophia Crawford On Set, Part Four

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#on set #on set: season four
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